Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ross, Robert E., Damon M. Cann, and Jade M. Burt. 2018. “Polls and Elections: Without Rhyme or Reason? Understanding Presidential Nomination Delegate Allocation Rules.” Presidential Studies Quarterly, 48(4): 804-816.

Other Publications

Jade M. Burt. 2017. “Telephone Polls and PPS Sampling: A Potential Boon to the Polling Industry.” Digital Commons at USU, May 2017.

Jade M. Burt et al. 2016. “Food in Cache Valley: Implications of Changing Farm Structure in Cache Valley.” Utah State University University Libraries Digital Exhibits, HONR Think Tank Spring 2016.

Work in Progress

Jade M. Burt. “Irrational Endorsements? Explaining Legislators’ Endorsement Decisions in Presidential Primaries.” In preparation.

Jade M. Burt and Joshua R. Thorp. “The Heresy Effect: Policing the Boundaries of Religious Identity.” In preparation.

Jade M. Burt, Joshua R. Thorp, and Hilary Zedlitz. "Religious Belonging: More than Just Affiliation." In preparation.

Allen Hicken and Jade M. Burt. "Modeling Thai Voter Preferences Using a Conjoint Experiment." In preparation.